Wrestler training in Llandudno receives advice from WWE champion

YOUNG wrestling trainee Sam Owen got an unexpected surprise as his role model and former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens contacted him to give him feedback on a recent wrestling match.

Sam, from Holyhead, had been wrestling at the Ty Hapus Community Centre in Llandudno the previous weekend reached out to Kevin Owens via Twitter, asking for feedback on his match and to his surprise, he got a response.

Commenting on a move that Sam, 22 had executed during the match, he said: “Very well executed, man. Good luck on your journey!”

Kevin Owens, who boasts 1.3 million Twitter followers, also went on to say he too sought feedback from major wrestling stars and that it had meant a lot to him when they replied.

Sam, who has been training at the Ty Hapus Community Centre for five years, said: “It’s crazy. I have people sending me screenshots and stuff. I still can’t believe it!

“I owe so much to my trainers, Wynn Williams and Scott Dorgan, at Fusion Pro Wresting training at the Ty Hapus Community Centre; they’ve made me the wrestler I am today.”

Sam was inspired to wrestle by Kevin Owens after seeing his work in the WWE following his joining in 2014, but also was a big fan of his prior to joining the company, when Owens had worked as ‘Kevin Steen’ for major American company Ring Of Honor.

Sam said: “I always wanted to try wrestling, and turns out I really love doing it; there’s nothing quite like performing for a live audience.

“As for dreams and ambitions? I want to wrestle all over the world; perhaps one day, I’d love to work for the WWE, just like Kevin Owens.”

Wrestling has a rich history in Llandudno, with wrestling training and events being held at Ty Hapus for the last decade.

A Fusion Pro Wrestling spokesperson added: “We’ve seen a number of major wrestlers get their start with Fusion Pro. Kid Lykos has become a major name in the UK and Drew Parker has found fame wrestling in Japan.

“Who knows, Sam Owen could be next!”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno