The Llandudno ‘turtles’ helping Wales in the fight against rising energy costs

A FAMILY-run business based in the Llandudno is tackling the energy crisis head-on thanks to its team of “turtles”.

Blue Turtle Group Ltd is comprised of energy experts helping customers nationwide to reduce their bills by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.

Leading health experts have warned that millions of households in the UK are facing a “significant humanitarian crisis” due to soaring energy costs.

It is believed that more people will be at risk this winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes, as everything from food to fuel rises in price.

Blue Turtle Group specialises in securing funding for customers to insulate and/or upgrade the heating in their properties.

North Wales Pioneer: Blue Turtle Group logo. Photo: Blue Turtle GroupBlue Turtle Group logo. Photo: Blue Turtle Group

This means the home is more fuel-efficient and, in turn, energy costs are kept as low as possible.

Director Carly Johnson said: “It’s heart-breaking.

“Not only do we speak to families and individuals that can’t afford their bills, but some also can’t afford to eat.

“The number of customers we have had in tears on the phone is in its hundreds. What we are trying to achieve is to give something back.

“We can offer all heating upgrades and insulation on any home at no cost to the customer.

“Yes, there is an eligibility criteria; however, the scheme has now been tailored towards people not on benefits, too.”


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Director Jody Johnson added: “We encourage people to get in touch with our team, as we have a number of different funding routes we can use to ensure that we can help as many people as possible.

“It’s a fantastic feeling when you know that, on any given day, we are starting or completing an install of energy-saving measures that will ultimately mean a customer is using less energy and saving money.”

With customers calling form across the whole of the UK, Blue Turtle Group wants its main focus to be where its representatives live and work in Wales.

Lesley Bell Hughes, office manager, added: “We are receiving more and more calls from nervous customers, concerned about the impending energy price increases, who are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency in their homes, but not really knowing where to start.

“Being able to present some options and talk people through the opportunities available at their specific property gives them more knowledge and puts them more at ease.”

Blue Turtle Group is based at 2 Trinity Square, Llandudno.

To speak with a “turtle”, please contact the team on 0333 772 9219.

Alternatively, visit either:, or

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