The fish and chip shop first appeared on Llandudno Pier before Bank Holiday weekend

THE sudden appearance of a fish and chip shop on Llandudno pier has left residents and councillors alike wondering if it has been put in the right ‘plaice’.

Conwy County Borough Council planning officers are investigating ‘concerns’ over the structure which first appeared on the pier before Bank Holiday weekend.

CCBC officials say they did not receive a planning application for the shop, but it turned up on the pier regardless.

Shaped like a lighthouse, the chippy was first spotted in its location near the entrance of the pier just before Bank Holiday weekend, and instantly divided opinion among locals.

Llandudno Town Council say the fish and chip shop most likely appeared on the pier due to it having had a ‘retrospective application’ – a process used to secure permission for development ‘after the fact’ of it taking place.

Llandudno Town Mayor Cllr Angie O’Grady said the Council is ‘in the process of looking into how this keeps happening’ and that they will be ‘writing to Wales Planning’ regarding the structure.

However, it is a movable object that has been placed on a trailer and so can be moved at any time should it need to.

The shop has garnered much attention in the area, with some thinking it looks good and others disappointed with it being placed on the pier, which is a Conservation Area.

Cllr Ian Turner, who represents the Mostyn ward in Llandudno, said the shop is ‘out of keeping with the area’.

He said: “It certainly stands out, particularly at night when it becomes like a beacon with its lights. Some people are appalled by it, whilst others can see that Adam Williams (pier owner) is just trying to make a living during what is a very difficult climate for businesses.

“Having said that, I think there are more people objecting to it than in favour of it as it’s not like anything we’ve had in the town before.

“In Llandudno, we’ve always strived not to be seen as another Rhyl. Rhyl do Rhyl and they do it well, but we’re a different town altogether and I think it’s important that that image is preserved.

“But, as I say, although it might be over the top, you cannot blame Mr Williams for trying to make a living by providing something different”.

A social media post shared by the North Wales Pioneer regarding the fish and chip shop gathered almost 100 comments as members of the public argued both for and against it and its location.

One user in favour wrote: “I like it, need something to make you smile in these gloomy times”.

One woman commenting added: “It’s something quirky and a bit fun for a summer season. Tourists probably like it too, who will be spending money at it and thereby providing employment for the staff working within it. We must remember tourism is Llandudno’s main source of income.”

Another woman said: “Would be good if it was the same colour as the chalets, but if the chips are good leave it there.

A man opposing the fish and chip shop wrote: “It would look right at home on the children’s village in Rhyl.

In agreement, another user wrote: “It’s not really in keeping with Llandudno”. Another simply added that the shop is ‘a bit Blackpool’.

Conwy County Borough Council planning officers will now be investigating the fish and chip shop. They say they are ‘aware of concerns’ raised by members of the public about this structure and are ‘looking into the matter’.

Llandudno pier owner Adam Williams has been approached for comment.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno