REVIEW: The Drowned at Llandudno’s Tabernacle

Theatre fans were invited to enjoy a Halloween immersive production in Llandudno’s Tabernacle.

The Drowned successfully created its own terrifying universe.

In this disturbing 90 minute interactive ghost story set in an atmospheric former chapel participants play paranormal investigators given the task of solving a horrifying historical tragedy. They must search through boxes and explore nooks and crannies to find clues.

From the moment you enter the Tudno Street venue you are transported back in time.

The actors did a tremendous job with their performances helping create a suitably unsettling environment in which participants are pulled in different directions.

This was a refreshing new take on the popular escape room phenomenon perfect for this time of year.

The creative director of the production company behind The Drowned Eleanor Appleton, said: “The idea for ‘The Drowned’ was sparked by visiting the Tabernacle in Llandudno for another project that I was working on, the venue was totally inappropriate for the project that I visited it for but I knew immediately that it was perfect for a Halloween immersive experience.

“So, I spoke to my creative team and discussed the possibility of basing the project on a story from Welsh folklore, originally thinking about the Mabinogion but that idea evolved and we decided on the ‘Cantre’r Gwaelod’. I knew what form of immersive theatre I wanted to create, I wanted to ensure that there was a ‘pick your own adventure’ element, ‘escape room’ element and ‘theatre’ element.

“It was also incredibly important to create depth by working with the space and ensuring that props and set added to the ‘world’ that was being created.

” I want participants to get totally involved in the experience and find their own personal journey, whether that be listening to the characters and their stories or spending their time rummaging through boxes, reading clues and exploring the space.

“I love to hear the ideas that participants come out with, they often have different ideas about what has gone on and what it was that they were trying to find out.”

The Drowned runs until October 31 for tickets visit follow The Drowned on

Instagram @TheDrowned2022 and the event on the EA productions Facebook

page @EAProductionsUK.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno