Praise from Aberconwy MS for British Heart Foundation in Llandudno

HAVING visited the British Heart Foundation (BHF) furniture and electrical store in Llandudno, Aberconwy MS, Janet Finch-Saunders, has spoken of her sincere appreciation of the work of the team and the BHF across the nation.

BHF wants better heart and circulatory health for everyone in Wales and works in partnership with key decision-makers, individuals, and organisations to ensure services for heart patients across Wales are available and accessible.

Following the visit to the local store which plays an important role in raising awareness and money for BHF, Mrs Finch-Saunders said: “340,000 people in Wales are living with the daily burden of heart and circulatory disease.

“British Heart Foundation are playing a leading role in the campaign to improve heart and circulatory health for everyone in Wales.

“In fact, their incredible work is seeing an investment of almost £4million in life-saving research at universities across Wales.


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“Each day in the UK, 12 babies are diagnosed with a heart defect that occurs as the baby develops in the womb.

“I am proud that it is researchers in Wales who are assisting the BHF in ensuring that the best possible care is provided to mothers and babies.

“The range of support and research undertaken by BHF is impressive, but they could not do any of it without support from the community.

“So, if you are shopping in Llandudno, pleased call in to the BHF furniture and electrical store.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno