People seeking to use minor injuries units in Llandudno and Denbigh asked to call ahead to support social distancing

PEOPLE seeking treatment at minor injuries units in Llandudno, Denbigh and Holywell are being asked to call ahead before attending.

This is to support social distancing.

By telephoning in advance, staff at the MIUs can prevent unnecessary indoor waits, direct some patients to the fastest source of care, and prepare for patients who need treatment.

Units will continue to treat people in need of urgent treatment who are unable to call in advance.

Nicola Mclardie, head of Nursing Projects, said: “Our MIUs are open and treating people as normal, but we want to reduce the risk of people potentially spreading Covid-19 by avoiding situations where they are waiting together indoors.

“We’ve assessed all of our MIUs and made sure they comply with the latest guidelines on staying safe with Covid-19.

“Part of that piece of work is to look at ways we can reduce the number of people waiting

“By calling ahead and sharing information on treatments needed, we’re helping staff in our Minor Injuries Units to prepare for patients coming through our doors and avoid people waiting together in communal areas.

“It will also help to direct some patients to alternative services where they will be seen quicker, such as at a local pharmacist.”

Minor Injury Units at Llandudno Hospital, Denbigh Hospital and Holywell Hospital have been assessed to help support social distancing.

Changes include reducing capacity in waiting areas to improve social distancing, and increased hand sanitising stations.

Other measures being introduced across North Wales include asking patients to wait in their cars to avoid waiting in areas, or to organise an appointment for later in the day to avoid waiting altogether.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno