New Llandudno prom shelters ‘stink of urine and are left with rubbish’

The new shelters, the first of which were finished last year, are based along North Shore promenade.

And while the old shelters were in poor condition, and could have been at risk of closure in the future without action, Llandudno resident Richard Lowman said he feels their replacements are not being well cared for.


Couple of new shelters completed on Llandudno promenade

Funding secured for new shelters for Llandudno promenade

He said: “The newly constructed seating areas along the promenade are being abused –  a number of them stink of urine and are left with rubbish.

“Yesterday afternoon (June 27), a sea-facing seating area was littered with rubbish, including cigarette ends and empty bottles.

“There was also a towel on the seat and a plastic bag in the corner, which included a full bottle of beer, and there is an empty bottle of vodka in front of the seat.

“This leaves a very bad image of Llandudno for visitors and residents. This is not a new issue and in my view, it would be useful if the police did more to safeguard the image of Llandudno.”

The new structures replicate the Victorian design of the previous replacements and continue to offer seating and shelter, with ample opportunity to enjoy the views across Llandudno Bay.

Mr Lowman called for more to be done to deter this by Conwy County Borough Council and North Wales Police, urging greater visibility in the area from both organisations.

He added: “I’m sure the council wouldn’t want their new facilities to be abused as they are being.

“It’s not a criticism of either the council or police; I’m just wondering if more could be done.”

In response, a council spokesperson said: “There’s no excuse for littering. Most people dispose of their litter responsibly, and it’s disappointing that there’s a minority of people who don’t.

“Littering can have a negative impact on everyone’s enjoyment of nature, can be a danger to animals and can pollute our environment.

“Take all your rubbish home with you, or put it in a bin, and leave no trace of your visit.

“We regularly remind visitors and residents to be responsible with their litter, via our social media accounts and on site posters.”

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