New leader of political group on Conwy selected

The leadership of the second largest political group on Conwy council has changed after a vote last week.

Deputy leader of the local authority Cllr Goronwy Edwards said it was “time for new blood” in the Conwy First Independent Group (CFIG).

Cllr Edwards who is a former leader of the council said he was “happy” to step aside when Cllr Charlie McCoubrey and Cllr Julie Fallon expressed interest in the post at the annual meeting of their group.

The vote ended with Cllr McCoubrey being anointed leader of the CFIG, with Cllr Fallon and Cllr Edwards being retained as deputies.

Cllr Chris Cater was confirmed as group secretary but the result leaves Cllr Edwards’ role as deputy leader of Conwy county council unaffected.

He said: “I said I would take my hat out of the ring to let them have a go and Charlie (McCoubrey) got the majority of the group.

“Every year it comes up in our group meeting and I said I was more than happy to make way for the ballot.

“We’ve got younger members and it’s time for new blood.”

Cllr Edwards has been a councillor for Caerhun since Conwy county council was formed in 1996 and holds the economic development portfolio in the current cabinet, on which the group serves with the Conservatives in coalition.

As deputy leader, Cllr Edwards could be thrust into the top elected role in the council once more if the council’s Leader Cllr Sam Rowlands is elected to the Senedd on May 6.

Cllr Rowlands is second on the Conservative Party’s regional list behind Mark Isherwood.

However the farmer and Conwy town councillor, who has dedicated much of his adult life to local politics, is content with his lot whatever happens.

He said: “I’m happy to let other people take (the group leadership) on – I’m no spring chicken.”

The group’s number have been increased after Independent Gail Jones was elected to a by election in Eirias ward last month – filling the vacant seat left by the death of Cllr Dave Cowans.

The CFIG now has 14 elected members of the council and the Conservative political grouping has 15.

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