New deli selling authentic, rare Spanish produce opens in Llandudno

A WOMAN has opened an authentic Spanish deli in Llandudno, in the same building where she also teaches her native language.

Remedios “Reme” Aldana Lopez opened “Casa Reme Delicatessen”, at Victoria Buildings on Mostyn Avenue, Craig-y-Don, on June 22.

Reme, from Barcelona, has lived in Llandudno since 2001, and began teaching Spanish at Grwp Llandrillo Menai’s Abergele campus in 2011.

The opening of her own Spanish deli, she said, marked the realisation of a dream she had held for many years.

The deli, which sells a wide range of Spanish produce, is located in the downstairs of the premises, while upstairs is where Reme’s Spanish lessons are based.

North Wales Pioneer: Inside Casa Reme Delicatessen. Photo: Reme Aldana Lopez Inside Casa Reme Delicatessen. Photo: Reme Aldana Lopez

She said: “The deli idea’s been in my head for many, many years, but until now, I couldn’t do it for different reasons.

“When this place came along last September for my teaching, I realised that it offered me the opportunity for both jobs – a studio for the lessons upstairs, and the deli downstairs.

“So, I went for it and applied for both usages/licences: when it came back approved, I was over the moon!

“Although I studied and worked in other sectors afterwards as tourism and teaching, I always loved the idea of having my little deli here, my little Spanish shop, and offer to the public the real experience of the food, the friendly atmosphere and a good experience.”

North Wales Pioneer: Reme at her new deli. Photo: Reme Aldana Lopez Reme at her new deli. Photo: Reme Aldana Lopez


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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reme had taught Spanish to groups at Craig-y-Don Community Centre, only for lockdown to force her to turn to online lessons.

She began teaching at her new premises last September, as she and husband converted the upstairs for the studio, and the ground floor for the deli.

Drawing on her experiences of working in markets in Barcelona for many years, Reme is looking forward to treating more people in Llandudno to a slice of Spain.

North Wales Pioneer: More of the tasty treats at Casa Reme Delicatessen. Photo: Reme Aldana LopezMore of the tasty treats at Casa Reme Delicatessen. Photo: Reme Aldana Lopez

She said: “My products are all real, authentic Spanish; good quality, and a good variety of cheeses and charcuterie (meat products).

“There are also other products that can’t be found in any shops around here, such as ibérico pork (from the Black Iberian Pig, native in Spain and Portugal and whose diet consists of acorns and elements of forests)!

“So far, I’m happy. I can see that, little by little, people are talking about the shop and the platters; all of the feedback is very good, and I hope it gets busier soon.”

“Casa Reme Delicatessen” is open from 9.30am-4pm from Tuesday to Thursday, all day until 8pm on Fridays, and all day until 3pm on Saturdays.

Reme sometimes opens the deli on Saturday evenings, though, offering platters.

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