Mum speaks about nearly being hit by car in Llandudno which was ‘shooting up road’

A MUM has spoken about the terrifying moment she and her family members were nearly hit by a car.

On February 17, in the afternoon, a vehicle collided with a parked car which shunted into another parked car in Llandudno.

One male was arrested for driving offences.

The mum, who has not to be named, was in town with her sister and youngest daughter.

As they were about to step on the road, to get in the car on the drivers side, an vehicle came shooting up the road and hit her car.

The woman said: “It just hit my car. It literally swerved and hit my parked car.

“My daughter was crying hysterically. I don’t understand how it happened and how the car was hit with such force that it shunted my car into the car in-front. It damaged that car and my own.”

The woman believes that if the incident had happened 20 second later, she and and her family member would have been either serious injured or dead.

“My daughter would have had to witness it,” she said.

“There was a lot of damage done to my car and the wheel was ducked and bent inwards and the impact knocked the bumper off and bent the wheel arch under on itself.

“There is damage to drivers side doors and the front bumper and grill from the impact of being shunted into the car in front.

“I have been told to expect a write off with my car,” she added.

“My sister and I still feel in shock and my daughter was hysterical for hours afterwards but we are very very grateful and thankful that no one was hurt in the incident.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno