‘Multiple’ people risk getting stuck on sandbanks at West Shore

MULTIPLE people were ‘at risk’ of being cut off by the tide at West Shore sandbanks.

Llandudno Coastguard were tasked at about 6pm on July 21 along with Conwy Lifeboat.

Arriving on scene, most people had made their way off but four people remained on the banks.

Conwy Lifeboat approached the group and advised them to return to shore. They then repositioned to the channel to ensure their safe crossing.

A spokesperson from Llandudno Coastguard said: “The group made their way to the channel where they quickly realised they were totally cut off from the shore.

“Conwy Lifeboat escorted them back to the beach where we met them and gave safety advice.

“This was the 115th call of this exceptionally busy year for us, and, so far, we have rescued hundreds of people off the sandbanks.

“The sandbanks at West Shore are dangerous, the tide travels at a steady walking pace and can quickly cut you off from the shore.

“If visiting West Shore, check the tide times and don’t venture onto the sandbanks or you risk becoming stranded.

“If you do find yourself in difficulty, make your way to a life-raft situated at the highest points of the banks, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard and await rescue.

“Do not attempt to swim across the channel. It will overpower even the strongest of swimmers.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno