MS keen for Welsh Government to reconsider its stance on face masks in places of worship

CLWYD West MS and Shadow Covid Recovery Minister Darren Millar is calling on the Welsh Government to reconsider its stance on the wearing of face coverings in places of worship.

Whilst restrictions on masks have been lifted in certain places, including pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, people attending churches, chapels and worship services and song are still required to wear them.

Mr Millar said: “It is absolutely ludicrous that face coverings are no longer required in hospitality settings, including nightclubs where people are in close proximity of each other, yet they remain a legal requirement in places of worship where, most of which have ample space for sufficient social distancing and excellent ventilation.

“Last month we saw hundreds of people in pubs watching the Euro matches and none of them were required to wear masks, yet in our churches and chapels across Wales we are still required to wear face coverings. People of faith feel let down by these double standards and want to have the opportunity to choose for themselves whether they should wear face masks when attending worship services.

“If people can cram into nightclubs and dance and drink for hours without a mask in Wales then people should be able to choose to attend churches, chapels and worship services and song without face coverings.”

The Welsh Government guidelines under Level Zero say that wearing face coverings is still a legal requirement in almost all indoor public places, including on almost all public transport and in shops and health and social care settings.

The use of face coverings in education will be determined at a local level.

The information on the website adds: “Face coverings will not be a legal requirement in hospitality settings, like restaurants, pubs and cafes, where food and drink is served. Those businesses may, however, still ask you to wear a face coverings in certain parts of the premises as they have a legal duty to put in place measures to reduce risks.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno