Mostyn estates did not like the design of new Llandudno apartment complex

A 20-apartment complex destined for a pub site in Llandudno took two years to go through because Mostyn Estates didn’t like the design.

Conwy county council’s planning committee heard concerns about flood risk had been settled by the developers of the Nevill Hotel in Llandudno, who also offered the required cash to mitigate a lack of parking.

However Mostyn Estates didn’t like the look of the scheme, approved in August 2019, which included an additional new 11-apartment building joined by a four-storey glass walkway to the original pub, which contains nine dwellings.

So, as the freeholder of the land, Mostyn Estates decided not to sign the agreement between the developer, freeholder and council until the design was changed.

New plans came before councillors on Wednesday which saw parking spaces reduced from 18 to 17 and a higher commuted sum of £36,210 to mitigate the shortfall.

Committee members passed the proposal by 11 votes to nil with one abstention and it’s hoped Mostyn Estates will now sign the agreement and let the development go ahead.

It was the third time the plans had come before the committee, revealed planning officer Dave Watson.

He said: “The application in an earlier form was considered in July 2019 and the recommendation was to refuse unless flood and highway concerns were satisfied.

“It was passed in August 2019 and has come back subject to just highway concerns being satisfied.

“Officers are of the view if committee resolves to approve subject to highway matters it won’t be necessary to come back for a fourth time.”

Cllr Andrew Hinchliff proposed the amended scheme, which saw balconies removed and some of the exterior redesigned.

Cllr Dave Rees, seconding the proposal, said: “This has been going on for some time and there’s a massive hole in Llandudno which allows people arriving at Llandudno railway station to come out and view the back ends of the hotels on that road.

“Building those apartments in that space would greatly enhance the impression of Llandudno for people coming in by train.”

The development will comprise one, one-bed, 17 two-bed and two, three-bed flats.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno