More than 100 horses found in ‘terrible condition’ as well as 122 chicken and rabbits removed from address in Gwynedd

MORE than 100 horses had to rescued following concerns for their welfare.

Conditions were described as ‘appalling’.

During the incident, at an address in Gwynedd, a mixture of other animals – including rabbits and chickens – had to be removed. An officer was also assaulted.

Taking to Twitter, North Wales Police’s Rural Crime Team said: “Appalling day for the team today dealing with a large scale cruelty case with the RSPCA in Gwynedd.

“Over 100 horses removed (two euthanised), 122 poultry and rabbits taken all in terrible condition. Sadly also one of the team was assaulted so one person arrested.

North Wales Pioneer:

A horse looks out. Picture: North Wales Police Rural Crime Team

“A very sad day.”

The rescue operation took place on Tuesday, September 1.

The unit added: “Ourselves and the RSPCA have been working flat out since early this morning and we are still at the location rescuing animals.

North Wales Pioneer:

RSPCA and officers from North Wales Police’s Rural Crime Team attended the incident

“A truly harrowing day for all of the team and a case will be taken against the person responsible. These are awful conditions not just for animals.”

The RSPCA will be approached for comment.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno