More Llandudno goats have not been moved to Bournemouth, council says

CONWY County Borough Council (CCBC) has quashed claims by residents that more of the Kashmir goats in Llandudno have been rehomed to Bournemouth.

Members of the “You know you are from Llandudno if you…” Facebook group expressed concern during the weekend that up to 100 of the goats had now been moved to the south coast.

When contacted by the Pioneer, though, CCBC confirmed that this is not true, and that the 15 goats moved to Bournemouth in April remain the most recent such case.

A council spokesperson said confusion may have arisen following news that a herd of 50 goats along the cliff of Bournemouth are set to double in size due to a breeding programme.

Volunteer grazier, Mark Jackson, who assumed responsibility for the 15 Great Orme goats moved to Bournemouth in April, also said this was not the case.

He added: “They (Great Orme goats moved to Bournemouth in May) are doing extremely well. Everybody down here like them.

“We keep putting regular photos of them on our Facebook page (Bournemouth Goats), and have done a calendar this year to raise some funds to pay towards the upkeep of them.”


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Great Orme goats rounded up with 15 moved to Bournemouth amid safety concerns

The goats on the Great Orme were originally a gift to Lord Mostyn from Queen Victoria and have roamed in a wild state for roughly 100 years.

The goats who were rehomed to Bournemouth in April were rounded up by CCBC from Craig-y-Don.

Fears for the goats’ safety arose last year after a “baby boom”, resulting in 25 nannies and five billies being relocated to Bristol or Bournemouth.

A round-up was also considered by CCBC in October 2021 after one goat had to be put down after being hit by a car.

In June, another was put down after it was allegedly the victim of an attack from two dogs in Llandudno.

A special council group is also being set up to manage the goats still based on the Great Orme.

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