Man with ‘sandy footwear’ refused entry to Colwyn Bay’s Bryn Williams’ Bistro

A CUSTOMER has complained that he was refused entry into a bistro in Colwyn Bay due to the way he was dressed.

Writing on public Facebook group Colwyn Bay Notice Board, the gentleman said he had gone to purchase a coffee at Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias when he was “blocked” by a bouncer.

He said: “As I went to enter, my path was blocked by a ‘bouncer’ dressed from head to foot in black demanding what my business was.”

The man went on to say the ‘bouncer’ said he couldn’t come in due to his “sandy footwear”.

“I replied, I’ve just come off the beach,” the man said.

He was then told by the ‘bouncer’ that he didn’t make the rules, but enforced them.

He then went on to ask Conwy County Borough Council who was behind such a decision.

There was also an issue raised with a disabled woman trying to access the disabled toilet outside.

The man added: “To make matters worse, a short time later myself and some colleagues found an elderly, disabled lady trying to gain access to the disabled toilet outside.

“We told her it was locked and she would have to go inside to which she told us she had tried but had been stopped by the same ‘bouncer’ who had told her she wasn’t allowed to enter just to use the toilet.”

A spokesperson from Conwy Council said: “We are aware of a post circulating on Facebook regarding Porth Eirias.

“To keep our staff and customers safe in line with Welsh Government’s coronavirus guidance, we have safety procedures in place at Porth Eirias. There are Council staff on each door to assist customers in and out of the building. This helps us to manage the limited capacity of people we can have in the building at one time, and keep the one-way system in operation.

“The toilets in the building are available primarily for customers, as there is a reduced number of toilets available in line with social distancing guidelines. There are public toilets over the road from Porth Eirias and we are encouraging the general public to use these in the first instance. We make allowances for customers with limited mobility or disabilities to use the toilet facilities onsite at Porth Eirias.

“We ask that all customers enter the building fully clothed, and are not coming into the building wet or excessively sandy. Sand or water on the floors poses a risk for other customers who could slip. We care about the health and safety of staff, customers and visitors and we have these rules in place to protect them and to support the businesses based in the building.

“We would ask anyone who has a complaint to contact the council at”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno