Llandudno ticket office to open in line with ‘normal working hours’

Passengers wanting to buy tickets face-to-face at Llandudno Train Station had raised concern over the ticket station “always being closed due to staff sickness.”

A spokesperson for Transport for Wales (TfW) responded: “Due to some late-notice resourcing issues at Llandudno, we have recently had to close the booking office on a small number of occasions.


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“Throughout this period we have maintained the ticket vending machine at the station to ensure there is always an alternative means to purchase tickets and staff have continued to visit the station.


“We have been working to resolve the issues and the booking office has returned to its normal working hours.”

According to the Transport for Wales website, The ticket office operates: 8.30am until 3pm between Monday and Friday, 9am until 4pm on Saturday and 10.10am until 5pm on Sunday. 


North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno