Llandudno RNLI lifeboat responds to Mayday call on busy afternoon

LLANDUDNO’S all-weather RNLI lifeboat carried out two rescues of stricken vessels on Saturday afternoon (May 7).

The William F Yates was initially tasked to launch at 4.05pm to rescue a 32-foot cruiser in difficulty.

The vessel, with four people on board, had struck a submerged object, causing mechanical difficulties and ingress of water.

The cruiser was drifting towards Llandudno Pier and issued a Mayday call for immediate help.

Fortunately, a pleasure boat was in the vicinity and on hand to offer much-needed assistance.


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At the same time, the HM Coastguard helicopter on exercise nearby diverted to monitor the situation.

Shortly after launch, the Llandudno lifeboat arrived at the scene to assess the situation and take the cruiser under tow.

Coxswain Graham Heritage said: “In these situations, there is a critical need to thoroughly assess all the possible risks.

“We were satisfied that the water ingress was under control and it was safe to put a line on board and to start our gradual tow to Conwy Marina.

“On arrival at the marina, we were grateful to the marina staff who were there to meet us and arranged an emergency lift out.”

The lifeboat then began its return voyage to the boathouse, but on leaving the estuary, the crew was summoned to another incident involving a 39-foot yacht with a crew of six.

The yacht was also having mechanical difficulties and needing assistance to return to Conwy.

For the second time, a tow was undertaken to Conwy Marina, before the lifeboat finally made its journey back to Llandudno at 7pm to be recovered and prepared for her next service by the awaiting shore crew.

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