Llandudno rescuers forced to clean dog mess off vehicle after call out at Angel Bay

RESCUERS found their vehicle covered in dog mess after attending a call out on the Little Orme. 

Llandudno Coastguard attended a call at Angel Bay on Monday, February 8; a person was stuck on a cliff, so quick access to the scene was essential. The lifesavers used the footpath which is used by a number of people every day.

By the time the incident had come to a conclusion, the light had faded and it was dark.

When arriving back at the the station, members noticed that the vehicle was covered in dog faeces from where they had driven down the path.

A bag full of faeces had also become stuck on the end of their towbar.

A spokesperson for Llandudno Coastguard said: “Volunteers then had the disgusting task of having to clean this off the vehicle before it had to be taken for a deep clean with specialist hot water and steam cleaning equipment to ensure the vehicle was safe to return to duty.

“We understand that the majority of dog owners are responsible, however, its the minority that spoil the enjoyment of the coast for others.”

The coastguard added: “Access for Angel Bay is through a locked gate and along a footpath which is used by a number of people every day as its a very popular place to come and enjoy.

“Angel Bay is a beautiful place to come and enjoy a but it is being ruined by the amount of fouling present there.

“We urge you to be responsible and pick up after your dog and dispose of it appropriately. There are dog waste bins located at both access points to Angel Bay.

“The coast is there for the enjoyment of everyone, please keep it clean and tidy for the benefit of all.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno