Llandudno Lifeboat shore crew members celebrate successful training assessment

A PAIR of members of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) crew at Llandudno, Phil Barratt and Nigel Forrest, have completed their latest RNLI assessments.

This will significantly enhance the vital launch and recovery operations required at Llandudno Lifeboat Station.

With a RNLI external assessor in attendance, the two volunteer crew members prepared for the final examination of their skills and competencies; Nigel as head launcher and Phil as operator of the sophisticated Shannon Launch and Recovery System (SLARS).

The SLARS has been developed to launch and recover the 18-tonne Shannon lifeboat from extremely rugged and harsh environments.


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Connected by a pivoting swan neck, hydraulic motors power both the tractor and the rear carriage.

The vehicle can be operated in calm water up to a depth of 2.4m and shut down to withstand full submersion in water up to 9m deep if stranded on an incoming tide.

John Roberts, one of the trainers at Llandudno, said: “These assessment days are very demanding and rigorous, in terms of not only setting high standards for those being assessed, but also for the other crew members taking part.

“They are expected to perform efficiently and effectively as a team.”

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