Llandudno lifeboat launches to help vessel in difficulty off the Great Orme

THE Llandudno all-weather lifeboat, William F Yates, launched yesterday evening (September 27) tasked to assist a vessel in potential peril close to the pier in Llandudno Bay.

The 40ft twin engine vessel had attempted to anchor in the bay, following the loss of an engine.

But the person on board experienced difficulties in holding a safe position due to the falling tide and rough sea conditions and eventually required the assistance of the lifeboat.

The lifeboat, with her voluntary crew, were soon on location after launching at 6.28pm, and in consultation with the casualty vessel, agreed to provide an escort to the safety of Conwy Harbour.

The two vessels commenced a slow journey around the Great Orme’s head, heading towards the Conwy Estuary.

Unfortunately, the vessel then lost her second engine and had to be taken under tow by the lifeboat, before continuing upstream to the safe mooring of the Beacons Jetty at 9.57pm.


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Lifeboat coxswain, Tim James, said: “This was far from a straightforward rescue and actually proved to be extremely challenging.

“There were very heavy seas off the Great Orme due to previous days conditions.

“The wind and tide made the journey difficult, especially for the casualty vessel as the breaking waves were knocking it very badly off course and pushing it all the time towards the rocks off the Orme.

“We then had difficulties getting the casualty safely berthed at Conwy, this due to a combination of heavy winds, very fast running spring tides and poor visibility hampered by heavy driving rain.

“The most technically difficult set of manoeuvres that I have ever had to do to get a casualty safely alongside.”

After completion of the handover, the lifeboat made its journey back to Llandudno to be recovered, and prepared for her next service by the awaiting shore crew.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno