Llandudno lifeboat launch and recovery operations significantly enhanced

TWO Llandudno lifeboat volunteers have successfully passed their training assessments.

Robin Fitzpatrick and Nigel Forrest completed their RNLI assessments earlier this month and this will significantly enhance the vital launch and recovery operations required at the lifeboat station.

With RNLI external assessors in attendance, the two crew members faced the final examination of their skills and competencies. Robin as head launcher and Nigel as the operator of the sophisticated Shannon launch and recovery system.

John Roberts one of the trainers at Llandudno said: “These assessment days are very demanding and rigorous in terms of not only setting high standards for those being assessed, but also for the other crew members taking part as they are expected to perform safely, efficiently and effectively as a team.”

Robin, who was recruited as a volunteer in 2018, is delighted to complete finally his assessment which had been delayed during the Covid pandemic. He said: “I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the crew for their time, patience, guidance and understanding during my assessments.”

Nigel, who last year was awarded for his 40 years voluntary service, has now added this important new role to the vast array of duties he has performed as a crew member both on and offshore.

Ralph Hughes, Llandudno RNLI Principal Head Launcher, described the importance of working as a team for a successful lifeboat launch, he said: “No launch of Llandudno’s all weather lifeboat is possible without the vital work of our highly trained shore crew, who are often working in cold, windy and dark conditions.

“Where all-weather lifeboats are launched from a Launch and Recovery System, such as at Llandudno, a team of between eight and 12 people is required to launch and recover the lifeboats safely.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno