Llandudno Lifeboat Helm joins training team

THE RNLI has unveiled its newest Training Assessor for Llandudno Lifeboat Station.

Mike Jones has recently passed out as a Training Assessor joining Robin Holden, Les Jones, Tim James, and John ‘Oggi’ Roberts who collectively provide training required at Llandudno.

In the RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews train together every week, at sea and ashore.

Weekly RNLI training exercises focus on teamwork, technical competence and safe operating procedures covering everything from boat-handling, search and rescue, and navigation, to radar training, radio communications and casualty care.

Robin Holden, retired Station Coxswain, who coordinates the training at Llandudno, said: “John and I arrange all of the individual training plans, while serving Coxswains Les and Tim and now Mike conduct the assessments to ensure the crew meet the required standards of operational competence.

Captain Marcus Elliott, Lifeboat Operations Manager said: “We are extremely pleased to have another trainer at the station, collectively the team bring a huge wealth of RNLI experience to our operations which is an amazing asset to have. Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic the team have continued to work creatively with the crew to maintain their essential training plans.’

Mr Holden added: “As we can see on the RNLI website our crews are prepared to drop everything and risk their lives to save others at a moment’s notice.

“Their lifesaving work is essential, often difficult, and sometimes dangerous.

“And with only 1 in 10 volunteers joining the RNLI from a professional maritime occupation, training is especially important.

“That’s why we provide our crew members with first-class training, equipment, guidance and support.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno