Llandudno Junction man accused of headbutting police sergeant is spared jail

A Llandudno Junction man accused of headbutting a sergeant’s face after his partner had called police because of worry about him was spared jail.

Matthew Renwick, aged 30, of Dalar Aur, admitted assaulting an emergency worker on August 1.

Defence solicitor Graham Parry at Llandudno court said a mental health crisis team had become involved and prescribed medication. Renwick had a good job and supportive family.

Mr Parry said Renwick had smashed some of his kitchen plates and police were trying to get him away from the house. He didn’t remember much about what happened. However, he’d thrown his head to the side and connected with the officer.

A 16 weeks suspended jail term was imposed and the defendant must pay £600 compensation to Sergeant Jethro Christie and £85 costs.

District judge Gwyn Jones said Renwick had behaved out of character but what happened was “totally unacceptable.” The judge told him :”You were aggrieved, you demonstrated aggression towards that officer and used your head as a weapon, making contact with the sergeant’s face, causing his nose to bleed.”

Prosecutor Sara Worland said Renwick told police it was a “reckless” act after officers took him to their patrol car.

Mr Parry said :”He’s dreadfully sorry for what happened.” His demeanour had changed “like a switch” after drinking that night. There was concern he would harm himself.

Judge Jones said Renwick was receiving support from the community mental health team and family.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno