Llandudno cheapest for a fish and chip supper

LLANDUDNO and Conwy are some of the cheapest towns for beach treats like fish and chips and 99′ ice creams.

Premier Inn contacted more than 500 independent stalls, kiosks and take-aways in 100 of the country’s most popular seaside towns to reveal that Wales offers the cheapest fish and chips.

Welsh towns, particularly Aberystwyth, Swansea, Llandudndo and Porthcrawl came out as the cheapest for a fish and chip supper, with town averages of £7.50 for a large portion (Llandudno averaged at £7.46).

Conwy averaged £1.80 for 99′ ice cream.

The most expensive region for the seaside treats was Cornwall, with places like Padstow, Fowey and St. Mawes charging around £13 for a large portion of take-away fish and chips.

Cornish towns also came out in the most expensive rankings for a ‘99 ice cream, with Falmouth and Newquay charging on average £3 for the treat.

A spokesperson for Premier Inn said “Eating hot, salty fish and chips on the beach, or cooling down in the sand with a delicious creamy‘99 are integral parts of the UK holiday experience which everyone should try. We were curious to find out which coastal town offered nostalgic foodies at the most budget-friendly prices.”

“Although some regions show a general trend for being more expensive (Cornwall) or cheaper (Wales), it’ great to see a diverse range of towns in the lists, proving you can hunt down a good deal wherever you go on holiday.”

For the full rankings, including the cheapest and most expensive towns for other seaside treats visit: www.premierinn.com/gb/en/news/2021/coastal-treats.html

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