Llandudno care home installs new visitor pod to allow families to meet safely

A CARE home has installed a Covid-secure visitors pod in its grounds to allow loved-ones to meet safely.

The newly created wooden pod – which has an airtight, glass screen – is furnished and is in place at RMBI Queen Elizabeth Court in Llandudno.

Like many other care homes, Queen Elizabeth Court closed its doors to all but essential visitors at the start of the pandemic to protect residents.

Residents have regular contact with families via phone or video call and since August, visits have been organised under a purpose built pergola in the home’s garden.

However, the newly created partitioned pod will allow residents to be reunited with their families for the first time in a private, indoor, one-to-one setting, which is Covid-secure and suitable for the colder weather.

Michelle Beer, home manager, said: “It means the world to our residents to be able to have their loved ones visit and chat to them. In normal times, they are able to have visitors whenever they like, so not being able to do that has been heart-breaking for everyone.

“We’re all looking forward to the day when they can hug each other, but until then, we hope that our new secure pod will make it a bit easier for our residents and their families.”

Visitors enter and exit the pod from outside the home to minimise the risk of infection while residents access the room from a different door inside the home.

The pod – named Hampson Lodge after Mr and Mrs Hampson, a ‘much loved’ couple who lived at the home a few years ago – has a ‘state of the art’ intercom system to allow residents and visitors to speak with each other easily.

Both sides of the pod are deep cleaned between each visit.

Resident Jennifer Lascelles, 82, was overjoyed to see her daughter, Sue Holt.

She said: “It’s just wonderful. It was so lovely.”

Sue said: “Seeing mum in the new family pod was magical. Like Christmas come early.

“Seeing my mum’s smile was the best present I could wish for.

“Now we can talk properly in a lovely environment and enjoy quality time together.

“We’re so thankful to the team at Queen Elizabeth Court.”

Queen Elizabeth Court is run by RMBI Care Co, part of the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

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