Latest on school closures in Conwy ahead of March teachers strike

As of 11am on March 1, 14 schools in the county have said they will close and 21 schools are expected to partially closed. 

Conwy County Borough Council have not confirmed what schools are set to shut. 

A spokesperson for the local authority said: “Decisions on whether to close schools during industrial action have been taken by the head teacher of a school following a risk assessment.

“Schools have contacted parents/carers direct with information specific to local circumstances.

“The Education Service is advising parents/carers to follow the information provided by their child’s school.


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“The full extent of the industrial action will not be known until the day itself.”

Members of the National Education Union (NEU) are due to strike on Thursday, March 2 while further action is planned on March 15 and 16.


It follows NEU strikes which took place on February 1.

The strike action is part of an ongoing campaign for a fully funded, above inflation pay rise.

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