Intrepid Luca finally makes a splash and raises £500 for Llandudno RNLI

A 10-YEAR-old boy raised £500 for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) group at Llandudno by open-water swimming.

Luca became interested in the RNLI after watching Saving Lives at Sea; he wanted to raise money and came up with the idea to do the Boxing Day Dip at Llandudno.

Due to its postponement because of COVID-19 restrictions, he had to wait for his opportunity until Sunday, January 30.

His moment arrived at the end of a busy morning of exercises at Llandudno as he took to the water as the inshore was waiting for recovery.

Llandudno Lifeboat press officer Jonathan Coe said: “We were pleased that Luca was finally able to do his dip and congratulate him on taking all the necessary precautions to do it safely.

“I want to congratulate Luca for his fantastic efforts in raising over £500 for the RNLI.”

The RNLI advises anyone entering cold water to enter the water slowly and allow time for your body to get used to the cold.

Never jump or dive straight in, as this could cause cold water shock.

Luca took the RNLI’s advice to ensure he didn’t dip alone, he was joined by Jonathan in taking to the water.

Luca also made sure he was able to warm up quickly following his dip, and stayed well within his depth and chose a day of calm conditions and favourable weather.

For further advice about open-water swimming please visit:—equipment.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno