Halloween experience ‘The Drowned’ coming to Llandudno

A TERRIFYING immersive experience is coming to Llandudno.

‘The Drowned’ have been haunting the town for generations, their purgatory is making the once benign souls more malevolent, and the townspeople need help to exorcise them.

A call for Paranormal Investigators has been issued by the town to discover the secret behind the haunting; in the hope that the souls will then move on and release the town’s people from the fear that has gripped them for so long.

The Drowned. Image: Stephen Cain

The Drowned. Image: Stephen Cain

‘The Drowned’ is a Halloween immersive theatre experience inspired by ‘Cantre’r Gwaelod’ (Welsh Folktale).

The gate to the town is left open and the sea floods the village, drowning the villagers who were making their way to safety with their belongings to the church.

‘The Drowned’ takes this concept and goes one step further. The souls that were lost in the flood are stuck in purgatory destined to make their way every night to the church with their belongings.

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Immersive theatre brings together all the elements of theatre but merges the space between the performer and the audience so they both inhabit the same space. This introduces the possibility of direct interaction allowing the audience to become a participant in the story. It is like taking a step into your favourite play, book or film and having the agency to change or influence what happens.

The Drowned. Image: Stephen Cain

The Drowned. Image: Stephen Cain

Eleanor Appleton, the Creative Producer at EA Productions, said: “This is the most exciting form of theatre to evolve in the last couple of decades and takes theatre from a passive pastime into an active experience. I can still remember the first immersive theatre experience I went to in minute detail, and it was over 15 years ago.

“That is why I want to produce this sort of work, because of the lasting impression it can have on audience members.”

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The Drowned is taking place at The Tabernacle in Llandudno and runs from October 20-23 and 26-31.

For further information visit www.eaproductions.co.uk

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