Former Corrie Star Craig Charles spotted in Llandudno

FORMER Coronation Street actor Craig Charles was spotted in Llandudno.

Earl Starkie snapped a photo of Red Dwarf’s Charles when he was walking from the prom with his partner.

Earl said: “I asked if he was okay to stop for a shot and told him how much I liked his radio show (Funk and Soul Show).

“I was dodging the rain near Wetherspoon.

“I don’t know the reason for his visit I’m sorry to say, perhaps he was just visiting our lovely resort.”

Charles had been seen on the prom on pier on Tuesday, August 10.

Earl spied the actor at 5pm on Wednesday.

One resident posted on public Facebook group You Know You Are From Llandudno If You…

“If my boys saw him it would make their lives, both huge Red Dwarf fans. My husband and I met him years ago in Birmingham and he was so lovely.”

Another person posted: “He’s here quite often. Have seen him a fair bit in Llandudno.”

Another person said: “Met him in Rhyl 30 plus years ago when he was guest host on Saturday morning breakfast show It’s Wicked! With Cheryl Baker. Nice bloke .”

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