Everything we know about Welsh Apprentice winner Alana Spencer’s new cafe opening in Llandudno

APPRENTICE winner Alana Spencer has revealed she is opening a cafe in Craig Y Don.

Cake-maker Alana won the BBC One’s The Apprentice and secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar in 2016.

She went on to create Ridiculously Rich by Alana before launching Ambassador and Cakepreneur schemes.

In October 2019, Ridiculously Rich moved into its first purpose built bakery in Alana’s home town of Aberystwyth.

After proving to be a hit, the entrepreneur took to her YouTube channel and asked fans to join her as she ventures on her “biggest adventure yet” – growing her business from “one tiny beach shack on Aberystwyth seafront, to multiple around the country”.

Alana said: “My ambitions would be to have Ridiculously Rich by the sea cafes all along the coast in Wales and then beyond, but we are starting with Wales. Keep the goal to Wales for now.

“We do actually have two new sites ready to start work on.

“One is in Llandudno on the seafront. It is a tiny little, very much like the Aberystwyth one, it is sort of a shack. It has got a pool, I think it is a lido actually, what is called an outside pool, and behind that is the sea.

“It is one of the most beautiful locations I’ve been to see and the prom in Llandudno is just perfect so I’m really excited about that one.”

Alana she will also open an site in Cardiff.

She added: “There is going to be a lot of work in managing those two sites and getting the staff in each site ready but I’m up for a challenge, I’m always up for a challenge and fingers crossed it goes well.”

As part of her YouTube video, Alana said she wanted to share her journey with viewers.

She admitted that growing a business is “not easy.”

“I think people have this perception when they look in and social media is such a highlight reel of all the wins, but for every win that you make there is probably 10 little knock backs along the way,” she added.

“So I want to show that I haven’t got here through luck, I’ve got to where I am now through grit and determination and hopefully that is what is going to take us to our next step.

“I don’t know anyone who has shown the good, the bad and the ugly of running a business to this extent. I want to really take you in and show you the vulnerable bits and the positive bits.”

Alana said, like so many other businesses, Ridiculously Rich has been on “such a rollercoaster” during the pandemic.

She said she had fears the business wasn’t going to be able to get through and had to keep adapting and listening.

Staff are being recruited for the Llandudno business. Search @Alana_Spencer_ on Twitter to find out more about the jobs and how to apply.

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