Eco champions spearhead net zero campaign in North Wales

A TEAM of four business leaders have been appointed as official ambassadors to spearhead a drive to make North Wales a net zero region.

The environmentally-friendly quartet were unveiled at a meeting of the new Net Zero North Wales network that’s been established by the North Wales Business Council as part of their campaign to create a greener future.

The fab four will meet with regional and national eco-pioneers and visit the HQs of companies making strides in the battle to achieve carbon neutral status.

Net Zero North Wales Network.

Net Zero North Wales Network.

Their aim is to share the information they gather to arm firms across the region with increased intelligence for reducing their own carbon footprints.

Net Zero Ambassador Frankie Hobro of Anglesey Sea Zoo

Net Zero Ambassador Frankie Hobro of Anglesey Sea Zoo

The team includes Frankie Hobro, owner and director of Anglesey Sea Zoo, Mared Williams, Low Carbon Project Manager for Rhug Estate in Corwen, Rob Lewis, co-owner and director of Mold-based Celtic Financial Planning and Gareth Jones, managing director of renewables company Carbon Zero.

Representatives from around 90 enterprises attended the meeting of Net Zero North Wales network at the Conwy Business Centre in Llandudno Junction where their names were announced.

North Wales Business Council Chief Executive Ashley Rogers told the forum: “It makes sound commercial sense for businesses to work in partnership to help the region and indeed the entire planet reverse the dire effects of climate change.

“We can only succeed by sharing the very latest information available and jointly gaining access to experts, best practice and the most advanced technology in this field.”

Gareth Jones, of St Asaph-based Carbon Zero, said one of the most exciting benefits of the ambassador scheme is that it enables businesses to better assess the progress of steps already implemented to reach carbon neutral status.

Gareth Jones – Managing Director, Carbon Zero Group.

Gareth Jones – Managing Director, Carbon Zero Group.

He said: “There are now numerous companies which installed renewables or other carbon reduction schemes a number of years ago.

“I’m eager to visit some of these businesses to gain valuable feedback on how the schemes have fared over the long term.

“They can tell us how they have operated over a significant time period, and offer ideas on the pros and cons they have had to deal with in practice.

“This is a key way of how we can learn more about developing the new generation of technologies and framing carbon neutral policies into the future.”

All four ambassadors will deliver reports back to the Net Zero North Wales meetings about their field visits and what they learn, passing on best practice to support other organisations in the network on the journey.

Ashley Rogers added: “Each of our ambassadors is already at the forefront of the crusade for better energy efficiency and sustainability, but they all know there is so much more to be achieved.

“They are keen to improve the landscape in this field not just for their own businesses but for others who are still struggling to find a feasible route towards Net Zero.

“A difficult road lies ahead in achieving these all important targets, but it must be remembered they are not just a fanciful dream but an absolute necessity.”

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