Driver jailed for causing death of nurse outside North Wales Hospital

A DRIVER who left a nurse ‘for dead’ after colliding with him outside Wrexham Maelor Hospital has been jailed.

Kieron Paul Davies, aged 32 and of Plas Dur in Pentre Broughton, appeared before Mold Crown Court on Friday afternoon.

He admitted having caused the death of Wilbert Catalan Llobrera by driving dangerously on October 22 this year at Croesnewydd Road whilst he was uninsured, disqualified from driving and under the influence of alcohol.

Simon Rogers, prosecuting, said 46-year-old Mr Llobrera was a staff nurse at the Maelor and on the evening of the incident he had just finished a 13-hour shift and was going home.

PC Richard Priamo was on patrol in an unmarked police car at the time and became concerned about the manner of Davies’ driving in Wrexham Road – as he had a defective headlight and was in the middle of the carriageway.

After Davies turned off at a junction and went out of view, PC Priamo activated his blue lights and followed him onto a 20 mile per hour road.

But Davies was going so fast, the officer could not even see him despite pursuing at 53 miles per hour.

He later saw the vehicle, which appeared to be braking harshly, and as he approached the hospital he became aware of a man lying in the road and stopped to offer help alongside a number of nurses and members of the public.

Despite efforts to save his life, Mr Llobrera was pronounced dead at the scene.

A security guard working at the Maelor had a clear view of the road and saw the car – which he estimated to be travelling at between 70 and 80 miles per hour – before hearing a bang.

Following the collision with Mr Llobrera, Davies continued driving and officers located him making an “aggressive and quick manoeuvre” in what the prosecution say was his attempt to seek an escape route.

When arrested he was ‘argumentative and aggressive’, swearing at an officer and banging his head on the cell in the police car.

The court heard he’d been seen driving aggressively prior to the incident.

Paul Smith, defending, said: “There’s absolutely nothing I can say in mitigation which will in any way lessen the pain of those close to Mr Llobrera.

“Mr Davies recognises how serious his offending is. “He recognises that he has taken a life.

“He has asked to be sentenced straight away and that is at least some gesture to try and alleviate the suffering the Llobrera family will inevitably be feeling at this time.”

Judge Niclas Parry told Davies the matter was aggravated by his previous offences, several of which related to motoring.

The Judge said: “This father of an eight-year-old daughter, a dedicated and compassionate health worker, was leaving the hospital after a 13 hour shift.

“He crossed the road but had the misfortune of coming across you – as stark a contrast in personality from himself as one could imagine.

“You were using your car as a toy and the public road in built up areas as a playground.

“What happened defies belief. The car was clearly out of control.

“You struck your victim and quite disgracefully drove on, leaving Mr Llobrera for dead without a care for his wellbeing.

“Any decent person would have wanted to help.

“You then made aggressive efforts to find an escape route.

“You were drunk, you were uninsured and disqualified.

“This was a prolonger piece of very bad driving.”

Judge Parry jailed Davies for seven years and six months.

He also disqualified him from driving for eight years and nine months.

“The family and the public will understand that no sentence can or is intended to reflect the value of a precious life lost,” Judge Parry said.

“It is intended to be a proportionate, punitive response to the offence.”

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