Donations urged to support family of Llandudno woman who died after suffering stroke

A FUNDRAISER has been set up to support the family of a woman from Llandudno who died suddenly in May.

Karen Goodhall-Haines died on May 19 aged 47 after suffering a stroke two days earlier, leaving behind her husband, Dean, and her daughter, Khama.

A close friend of Karen, Johanna Valerio-Pop, who lived in the same building as her, has set up the page on the GoFundMe website in the hope that it will offer financial help to her family.

Currently, it has raised £275 of its £500 target, while an application for a grant to help cover the costs of Karen’s funeral has also been made.

Johanna also hopes the money raised will enable Dean to return to work sooner, having been Karen’s full-time carer prior to her death.

Johanna said: “It’s just so tragic, how everything’s happened. They’ve never had any money.

“Dean had to give up his job during COVID-19 after ‘Kaz’ was ill and in hospital for 10 days, and to look after Khama. With all of her anxieties and COVID, it was just too much for her. She had her struggles with things like cerebral palsy and anxiety.

“They’ve had food parcels sent, and my mum and I have brought them clothes and bedding, because they needed those things.

“Khama is starting high school in September, and things like getting her school uniform would just take a weight off Dean’s shoulders and make sure that he’s got money just to tie him down until he starts work again.”


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Johanna, who knew Karen for “13 or 14 years”, paid tribute to her friend, and said of their two families who lived in the same property that “we were one big family”.

As well as recalling treasured memories together, Johanna believes the Karen will live on in the people whose lives she helped save through organ donations.

Johanna added: “Kaz saved six peoples’ lives by organ donations, which was just amazing.

“People think it’s just young or middle-aged people (who benefit from organ donations), but it could be giving six months to an elderly person who only has two days to live. She’s going on living now in others.

“Other have family members have also now reconnected through this tragic event, so she has brought people together again.

“We used to do lots of things together. Just recently, went to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, and the weekend before she passed, they went to the Conwy Pirate Festival and we met up with them there.

“We used to walk into town and she used to love going into charity shops. We were always having barbecues together, or going to the beach, having a good time, being outside and enjoying life.

“I arranged her wedding as well years ago, so there are lots of fond memories.

“She was a very colourful person; even with her anxiety, she was always kind, friendly and helpful.”

Johanna also wrote on the GoFundMe page itself: “I am asking for your help in our time of need, to help assist Dean and Khama in this awful, traumatic turn of events, with Kaz having a stroke on May 17 and unfortunately never recovered.

“She leaves behind a loving husband in Dean and a beautiful daughter in Khama.

“I could really do with everyone’s help, in helping me with the memory of Kaz and what we could do for Dean and Khama.

“As you all know, they always have been really dear to my family and me, as we live in the same building.”

You can make a donation yourself by visiting:

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno