Do you want to see this phone box remain in Llandudno Junction?

A PHONE box is set to be removed from Llandudno Junction.

The phone box is on Conwy Road, opposite Providero.

According to BT, the phone has been used 16 times in the past month.

Conwy Town Council posted on Facebook: “Before that happens [it is removed] we have the opportunity to have a say.

“According to BT, the phone has been used 16 times in the past month, and that isn’t enough for them to keep it without good reason.

“We would like to know if you or anyone you know, rely on this facility in our community?

“The other alternative option is for members of the public to adopt it.

“In other areas they have been transformed into kiosks to house defibrillators, free box libraries, or anything you can think of.”

Anyone who would like to have their say on the phone box can email Rachel Lees, town clerk, at Conwy Town Council:

The deadline for putting forward any objections or ideas for adoption to the town council is Tuesday, June 29.

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno