Conwy council commits to road safety improvements on road in Craig-y-Don

HAVING recently written to Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) to highlight numerous concerns regarding traffic flow and general road safety along Queen’s Road, Craig-y-Don, Aberconwy MS Janet Finch-Saunders has now received a positive response.

CCBC has confirmed that a speed assessment will be carried out on the road near the entrance to Queen’s Park.

Additionally, it has been outlined that council officials are finalising the designs for a controlled crossing over Queen’s Road, near Balfour Road.

Finally, Mrs Finch-Saunders has been advised that measures, including the deployment of double yellow lines, will be utilised to address the issue of inconsiderate parking in proximity to the new traffic island.

A letter shown to the Pioneer, from CCBC’s Environment, Roads and Facilities (ERF) department to Mrs Finch-Saunders, dated May 5, said: “In regards to your request for a zebra crossing outside Queen’s Park, we have recently been awarded grant funding to further develop an active travel route between Nant-y-Gamar Road and Clarence Drive.

“The route will cross over Queen’s Road near its junction with Balfour Road and Roumania Drive, where a controlled crossing provision will be provided.

“We are currently finalising the designs and will be conducting a stakeholder engagement exercise within the coming months, where hopefully we can attract further grant funding from the Welsh Government to construct the scheme by the end of this financial year.

“In regards to the traffic flow issues caused by inconsiderate parking in the proximity of the new traffic island, our intention is to introduce double yellow lines to protect the flow of traffic.

“However, given the legal procedures we must follow, these will take time to process. We are therefore going to introduce interim measures to try and alleviate the situation.

“As an immediate action, we have placed traffic cones to protect the flow of traffic, which will be followed by the placing of double yellow lines on a temporary traffic regulation order, which we will then change to a permanent one.”


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A second letter shown to the Pioneer, again from ERF to Mrs Finch-Saunders, dated May 4, added: “We were aware that the electronic signs on Queen’s Road were not working and have carried out repairs to one of the signs.

“However, the remaining sign requires specialist repair by the sign manufacture, in which we have arranged and are awaiting their attention on the matter.”

Mrs Finch-Saunders said: “I am absolutely delighted that CCBC has committed to taking positive action to address the ongoing road safety concerns that residents have in Craig-y-Don.

“As one of the founding members of the Friends of Queen’s Park, and having previously worked to help secure playground funding for this location, I am well aware of the popularity and importance of this green space within the community.

“Given this, I am pleased to see that steps will now be taken to improve pedestrian safety whilst crossing Queen’s Road.

“In further correspondence from the local authority I have also been made aware that, following my correspondence on the issue, repairs have been carried out to one of the speed monitoring signs on Queen’s Road, while specialist repairs to the other camera have been arranged.

“I do hope that this commitment is followed up with robust and positive action to address the concerns of residents.

“It is imperative that Queen’s Road is made safe for all road users.”

North Wales Pioneer | Llandudno