Clwyd West MP and MS welcome new stroke unit at Llandudno Hospital

THE MP and MS for Clwyd West have both welcomed the news that a new multi-million-pound stroke unit will be based at Llandudno Hospital.

This unit will help with the rehabilitation of those who have suffered a stroke but no longer need acute care.

David Jones, MP for Clwyd West, called the news “a very positive development”, while Darren Millar, the constituency’s MS, labelled it a “much-need facility”.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board says the unit will be one of three in North Wales.

A third is due to be revealed, after another unit at Ysbyty Eryi in Caernarfon opened earlier this year.

Mr Jones said: “This is very welcome news for North Wales stroke patients and their families.

“Rehabilitation is vital for people who have experienced a stroke.

“I have no doubt that my constituents who need this service will be delighted to hear of the establishment of the unit at Llandudno Hospital.

“After quite a long period of adverse news about health care locally, this is a very positive development.”


New multi-million-pound stroke unit for North Wales to be based at Llandudno

Mr Millar added: “I really do welcome this news.

“This is a much-needed facility which will hopefully result in a big improvement in outcomes for stroke patients in the area.

“Llandudno Hospital is well-placed to house this new unit and those who have fought for investment and protection of the hospital over the years will be pleased to see services being developed there.”

The hospital’s operating theatre reopened in May 2022 and treats day surgery patients, meaning that the patient does not need to stay overnight.

Hernia, gallbladder and some orthopaedic procedures are now being carried out in the theatre to help increase the capacity available to treat more patients waiting for operations.

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