A change at M&S Llandudno which customers will approve of

IT IS A CHANGE that is bound to delight customers – two ‘card cand cash’ self-service tills have arrived at Marks & Spencer in Llandudno. 

Since the new store opened at Parc Llandudno earlier this year, readers have voiced their disappointment that the self-service machines only take card. 

Katie Whelan, M&S Llandudno store manager, said: “On Wednesday (November 23) of this week, we removed two ‘card-only’ self-serve tills and replaced them with two ‘card and cash’ self-serve tills.

“So far, we’ve seen a positive response from customers as it allows them to pay with cash or change at the self-serve tills, which avoids them waiting in longer queues, especially important if only buying one or two items.”


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The new tills also mean customers using Scan & Shop, which is available for all Sparks customers, can pay by cash at the self-service tills.

Scan & Shop allows customers to use a handheld device to scan and bag as they shop, paying for their food shop at the self-serve tills. To help make the transition smooth, the Foodhall team have received updated training to ensure they’re on hand to help customers when needed.

Ms Whelan added: “Ultimately, we want to create a seamless shopping experience in our Llandudno Foodhall and with these new technologies, more customers can shop how they like to shop.”

Marks and Spencer Llandudno opened their new store at the unit previously occupied by Denbenhams in March.

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